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38 Turns Later: Part 2

[note: I meant to get to this last night, but I am in the throws of another series of headaches and looking at a screen can be...intense...at times.]

Turn 19
Players 3, Opponents 2

"Wait!" Duncan shouts, "Let me do a quick search."

Justin, at the door, pauses while Duncan searches and finds a pair of binoculars. Holding up his trophy in triumph, Duncan waves, saying, "Okay. Go ahead."

The PEF just outside the door moves ever more slightly closer to the building. One step outside, and a person would be nearly surrounded by whatever might be found therein.

Turn 20
 photo image_zpsd5f329c5.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 2

Justin bursts through the door, bringing up his sword for a strike, fiercely yelling at the top of his lungs.

But nothing is there. The approaching noises were caused by trash, drifting in the wind.

[the sigh of relief at the table was echoed by everyone, including myself, as my "near-death" experience had put everyone on edge, a bit.]

The ER rating was increased by 1. The rest of the group saunters outside, through the door.

Turn 21
 photo image_zpsecf542f2.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 1

With the sporting goods store still in the distance, the group heads towards it, eyes glancing everywhere. Liam briefly stops at the silver stationwagon, finding a first aid kit inside.

Turns 22-24
Players 3, Opponents 1
The group continues heading for the sporting goods store, thinking to find some useful supplies inside, or at least hoping to.

Players 2, Opponents 1
Aidan searches the overturned sports car, finding a second first aid kit.

Players, 6, Opponents 4
An argument breaks out between Aidan and Justin, over some trifle, but it finished quickly and quietly.

[We had to laugh here, because we really did just have a small argument with Aidan at the table. He had declared, back at turn 19, that he was going to look for a first aid kit next, but when Liam found one, Aidan then decided to change his mind and took a long time considering exactly what he wanted to find in the black sports car. I had to make an executive decision, after the rest of the lads kept hurrying him up, and stated that Aidan had indeed found a first aid kit (which is helpful as he is our medic). He was less than pleased with being told what he found, but in the end accepted that he'd already made the decision previously. When the argument event came up, we all laughed at the irony.]

Turn 25
http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=442173218380525906#editor/target=post;postID=7538026750417993382 photo image_zpsb6d31c52.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 1

The first building, the one at the parking lot entrance, started on fire, with smoke quickly followed by flames. The lads must have knocked over something flammable or something, in their fight with the zeds inside. The flickering fire must have caught the attention of the nearby zeds, because two showed up a short distance away from the group.

The decision was to press on, quickly, getting away from the zeds.

Turn 26
Players 6, Zeds 1

The zeds approach the group, causing much consternation as they were spread out in a line.

Turn 27
Players 3, Opponents 4

Both the group and the zeds move towards the sporting goods store (we forgot about fast moving in all the excitement)

Turn 28
Players 4, Opponents 1

The group realizes it must make a stand, as the relentless zeds just keep coming.

 photo image_zps20e76112.jpg
Turn 29
Players 2, Opponents 1
Aidan and Liam fire at the nearest zed, missing it, causing yet another zed to approach the group.

[the boys were now arguing a to whom gets the next kill, as they all wanted to advance to survivor after failing some Brown Pants rolls]

Turn 30
Players 5, Opponents 1
Fionn searched the SUV, finding a fuel. Aidan, Michael, and Liam all hesitate to charge the nearest zed (failed BP rolls, again). However, the zed has no cause to pause and it charges Aidan, who swings and misses as he dodges the flailing arms. (6,5,4) vs (5,4,1) (zed ignores stun, but we failed to have it drop to ground).

 photo image_zps4b1ee760.jpg Turn 31
Players 2, Opponents 5

While the zeds slowly, but surely, approach, the group quickly determines what they will do next.

Michael hesitates to charge the zed facing Aidan (another BP roll failed), which Aidan then quickly dispatches.

Liam hesitates to charge the other zed, which then charges him. In a desperate move, Liam jumps to the side while swinging his baseball bat, just connecting with the zed's left temple, killing it.

Turn 32
Players 6, Opponents 2

The last remaining zed clears the black sports car, aiming directly for Liam.

Turn 33
 photo image_zps5bc2907d.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 2

Aidan moves up to help Liam, just in case he can get a kill steal. Which he does, as the approaching zed is quickly taken out by Aidan when it charges. (4,3,2,2,1) vs (4,1,1).

Turns 34-36

The group rallies just outside the door to the sporting goods store, everyone making sure they are ready to enter.

Players 4, Opponents 1
The group rushing into the sporting goods store, with Duncan and Aidan behind (because they both have Runt, which is bad for melee). Only a single zed is inside, which Aidan misses, but Michael kills.

Turn 37
Players 3, Opponents 4

The second, smaller shop, which had been left just a few minutes before, also caught fire, likely the result of wind blown debris from the other fire.

The group quickly searches the sporting goods store, finding food, a first aid kit, matches, another medical kit, and a bookbag (it was a backpack, but due to my changing the rules for backpack loot, it turned out to be a two space bookbag).

Turn 38
Players 2, Opponent 5

Happy with their haul, the group exits the shopping center through the backdoor of the sporting goods store.


Duncan, Fionn, Liam, and Aidan all get an increase to Rep, leaving Michael and I somewhat disappointed in our own lack of success.

After it was over and the boys went to bed, I remembered that we forgot about the police arriving 1/2d6 turns after shots are fired, which would have changed the outcome perhaps. The entry point for a car would have taken the police car into where the last zeds were, so they may have become victims.

We also forgot about fast move, which is more my own fault. We were so distracted by the discussion over who gets to kill which zombie, that it slipped my mind as we were trying to create distance between them and us.

As we cleaned up the table, we all discussed things we would like to see as possible loot, inspiring me to create the new loot page here on this blog. I will continue to add to it over time. I hope others will leave comments with their own suggested lewts.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

38 Turns Later: Part 1

Dad's Journal

Day 8
With the whole family together, the boys and I discussed what the immediate needs are. Food, while necessary, is well-stocked for the moment, but there is a certain lack of heavier firepower, medical supplies, and camping equipment, such as backpacks, flashlights, etc.

We decided to check out the sporting goods store in the nearby Walmart shopping center as it wasn't too far away, within walking distance, and we went armed.


 photo image_zps6fdb4249.jpg
(3 PEFs were placed. No zeds placed at start during first 10 days. 2 PEFs were in buildings, the third in the far corner of the parking lot, out of sight).

By agreement, Duncan (Rep 3), Fionn (Rep 4), and Liam (Rep 4) are grouped up and Justin (Rep 5), Michael (Rep 3), and Aidan (Rep 4) are in a group. Fionn is the melee specialist, Duncan the shooting specialist, and Aidan the medic. These are the roles agreed upon, based on skills.

Turn 1  photo image_zpsd8c96e21.jpg
Players 6, Opponents 4

Duncan's group heads to the small shop nearest the parking lot entrance. Justin's group goes to check out the minivan left behind by someone, who is now either dead or a zed.

The PEF moves towards the Duncan's people, as they are closest, and resolves as three zeds.

Turn 2  photo image_zpse2b0a5a4.jpg
Players 1, Opponents 2.

The zombies advance on the lads, who spot them. Fionn and Liam shoot at the zeds closest to them, but miss. Duncan kills the nearest two zeds, but two more zeds spawn.

While Justin and Michael cover him, Aidan searches the minivan, finding food.

Turn 3  photo image_zps96ea7218.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 6
The family groups up, so they can react to attacks on another. Fionn plans on getting in close, with his big, two-handed sword, but fails to charge.

PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 4  photo image_zps3a52dab3.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 1
Duncan, Liam enter the building, but no zeds or other humans are inside. Michael and Justin stay outside, to cover Fionn, just in case something goes wrong. Aidan moves closer to the front of the store.

Fionn charges the zed opposite him, swinging his sword at the zed's right temple (Fionn is left-handed). The zed goes down, with the top of his skull removed. (5,4,1,1,1,1) vs (5,4,4).

Justin and Michael both charge the closest zed.  Justin fails to connect with his massive piece of pipe (counts as 2H weapon).

NOTE: It is here that Justin is almost out of the campaign. When Justin first charged in, he was beat by the zed by one success on the die rolls. Rolling for effect, the zed scores a 1 against Justin, an Obviously Dead.  As Stars cannot use their saving powers from zeds, this was a stunning death barely into the start of a campaign. 

We were all very surprised. It came down to a swing and a miss for Justin and a stinking 1 on the result die. I (Justin) frantically looked through the rules, hoping that I would find some way to be saved.  Just as I gave up the search, reaching across to remove my figure from the table, I glanced at the melee modifiers. When fighting against zeds, a character gains one success automatically, before the dice are rolled. This meant that, instead of losing and dying, Justin tied the zed. To the relief of everyone at the table...

Michael swings and connects, with his Bo staff (6,6,3,2,1,1) vs (5,4,4) but for no appreciable effect. (Zed's are not subject to stuns)

The zed counter attacks Justin (we rolled between Michael and I as to who would be the target), but dies (5,3,1) vs (4,3,1,1,1). The remaining zed charges Fionn, who dispatches it easily. (6,6,3,2,1,1,1,1) vs (2,1,1).

Fionn earns the nickname "Ginsu".

Turn 5  photo image_zps37cab7a4.jpg
Players 6, Opponents 6

An eerie quiet settles across this side of the parking lot...

Turn 6
Players 6, Opponents 1

PEF 1 and PEF 2 both move away.

Turn 7
Players 1, Opponents 5

Aidan goes inside the building as the lads inside the building discover 2 food at the same time they realize they are not alone after all, a zed was upstairs. Duncan shoots, but misses, Liam balks while Aidan charges, striking the zed squarely with his baseball bat, killing the zed. (4,3,3,1) vs (6,3,2)

Michael and Justin gather outside the store, awaiting everyone else to group up. Fionn heads over to the yellow firetruck, hoping to find something inside.

Turn 8 
Players 5, Opponents 3

Michael and Duncan are the only ones able to move, but continue to wait for the other lads, not wanting to split up any more than they already are.

PEF 1 moves back to its original position. PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 9
 photo image_zps4f5daf7d.jpg
Players 2, Opponents 2

Fionn does find food inside the firetruck. Duncan, Liam, and Aidan leave the store and join Justin and Michael outside.

Turn 10
 photo image_zps077d69df.jpg
Players 2, Opponents 1

Everyone approaches the smaller shop. Michael heads to the red firetruck, to search it.
Turn 11
Players 6, Opponents 4

PEF 1 moves closer.

Turn 12
Players 6, Opponents 2

PEF 1 moves away, PEF 2 moves closer (they did this dance nearly all game)

Turn 13
 photo image_zpsbbd52435.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 1

While the rest of the group stacks up at the door of the small shop, Michael finds food in the red firetruck.

Turn 14
Players 5, Opponents 3
Michael takes his place near the door. Risking a few at a time entering the store is considered a bad idea. The group will all go in, together.

PEF 1 moves closer. PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 15 photo image_zpse3e1f473.jpg
Players 5, Opponents 2
The group enters the store all at once. Two zeds are found inside.

Fionn craps his pants as he realizes that the zeds are "not human." Justin and Liam both charge the same zed, but fail to put it down (both rolled a stun result).

The zeds respond by attacking Justin and Fionn. Justin smashes his pipe against the side of his opponent's head (6,5,4,4,3,1) vs (3,3,1), killing it. Fionn flicks his sword out, across his front, taking the zed's head off (5,5,3,3,2,2,1,1) vs (5,3,1).

Turn 16.
Players 4, Opponents 2

Everyone searches the store. Fionn finds a backpack, as does Michael. Liam finds a food.

Both PEFs move closer.

Turn 17
Players 6, Opponents 4
 photo image_zps209e396a.jpg
PEF 2 moves closer

Turn 18
Players 6, Opponents 5

PEF 2 is danger close! It sits just outside the front door of the store. The group has a quick discussion, none are willing to head outside, the intensity is high.

Justin, as leader, makes the command decision to rush outside, alone. If there are too many to handle, the rest of the group will follow. At least, they others agree to that.

He sets himself against the door, hand on the door handle, psyching himself up for running outside into what may be oblivion.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2021: Day 1, Liam & Aidan


Liam got up early as he had an 8:30 class. Since his ride is Aidan, the younger brother also awoke early, if a little unhappily. Liam clicked on the television, to check the weather report, but the local news station had a big "Breaking News" banner streaming across the screen.

"Hey, tell me when the weather is on," Liam said to his brother, "I am going to make some oatmeal." "Want some?", he asked.

"Okay, and sure! Just put some cinnamon in mine, please," Aidan answered.

Not wanting to listen the news announcers blather on and on, Aiden muted the television and began to change channels.

"Uh, something big must be going on. All of the stations have the exact same thing on," Aidan declared.

As he watched, the video feed on the station suddenly went blank when a crowd of people angrily reached for the cameraman. However, the reaction of the local announcers on the screen surprised him, as the woman fainted and the man looked to be in shock. The camera suddenly shifted away from them and showed an empty spot in the studio, as though someone had bumped or pushed the camera out of the way.

Aidan hit the mute button on the controller again, so the sound could be heard. There were no recognizable voices coming over the broadcast, but there was a lot of crying and someone kept screaming, while someone else could be heard to say "shhh, shhh" over and over.

"Dude! What is going on?" Aidan asked his brother as Liam walked out of the kitchen.

Liam said quickly, "you call Michael and I'll try to reach Fionn." Each couldn't get through. "Try Duncan and I'll get Dad." Again, the calls would not connect.

"We need to go to Dad's! Something is very wrong," Liam said quietly.

"Let's first pack our bags with food and stuff," Aidan suggested, "we might need it."

Liam nodded in response, as both young men went to their rooms and started packing clothes and personal items. Finishing almost at the same time, they bumped into each other as they reached intot he cabinets to get the canned foods there.

"Get the guns, I'll get the bats," Liam said, as he walked over to the closest where the sports equipment and free weights were kept.

Aidan went back into his room, to the closet, where a small gun cabinet was located. He fumbled through his keys until he found the correct one, then unlocked the cabinet and took out a pistol and a small caliber rifle.  He then reached down with his other hand and grabbed the several boxes of ammo, which he stuffed into his pockets.

"Let's go!", Liam shouted from the front room of the apartment.

The brothers left the apartment and fast-walked to Aidan's truck.

Low on cash, the brothers agreed to go to a cash machine first, then head over to Food4Less and add to their stock of food before heading to their father's.

Aidan pulls into the parking lot of the nearby Stop N' Rob, where he knows there is an ATM machine. He and Liam exit the truck. A worker inside sees the truck pull up and runs outside, towards the brothers, screaming.

 photo image_zps7d595e4f.jpg

Turn 1)
Players 5, Opponents 2

The screaming man advances on the brothers.

Turn 2)
Players 2, Opponents 1

As the  brothers walk towards the store, the screaming man runs right into Aidan, knocking him down. (6,5,3,1) vs (3,3,1) (The actual result was Aidan was OD, but using his star power roll of 3,3,2, Aidan's OD result became a Carry On. - Whew!)

Turn 3)
Players 1, Opponents 4

Liam came to his brother's defense by charging the crazed man, swinging his baseball bat one-handed (6,6,3,3) vs (6,5,4), and knocked the dude out cold. (stunned).

Aidan regained his feet; a little wobbly, but no worse for wear.
 photo image_zps27dfaa47.jpg
Note: The dice shown were from the combat, but Liam had picked one of them up and placed it back down, turning it to a five just before I took the photo.

Turn 4-6)

The crazed man recovered and got back up, only to run off, still screaming loudly. The brothers reached the ATM machine and each withdrew the daily maximum amount.  They then returned to the truck and headed to Food4Less.

Lewts: 3 luxury each.


The traffic on the main street was jammed, and the parking lots on either side were more than crowded. The traffic lights appeared to be out, which was the cause for the delay.


Finally, the Aidan was able to get through the intersection, and slowly the brothers made their way through town. Smoke, from what looked like several fires, billowing up from right behind the Food4Less store, was visible to them as the inched through the congested traffic.


Aidan parked his truck as close as he could get to Food4Less, but as soon as he and Liam got out of the truck, they saw that the rear of the building had just caught fire.

They also noticed four people running from the now burning store, coming right at them.
 photo image_zps0e65f1ca.jpg

Turn 1)
Players 6, Opponents 2

One person approached Aidan as a second approached Liam. The guy in the back started fighting with the person in front of him, knocking him down. (6,5,3) vs (6,5)

Turn 2)
Players 5, Opponents 5

The fight was obscured by the people running at them, so the brother's could not tell what was going on. However, the people in front were intent on going through right where the brothers were standing.

Turn 3)
Players 2, Opponents 3

The advancing people headed right for Liam and Aidan. The brothers, with no where to go, readied themselves for a fight. Aidan was charged by his opponent, but Liam hesitated to charge his (failed his charge into melee roll).

Aidan, swung his bat two-handed, but narrowly missed, while being struck in the chest and knocked down. (6,6,5,1) vs (2,1) (Aidan was stunned, but Star Power changed this result to Carry On)
 photo image_zps80c1ab07.jpg

Turn 4)
Players 2, Opponents 5

Liam advances, swinging his bat one-handed, knocking his opponent down and out. (5,4,3,2) vs (4,4,3) (opponent was OOF)

Aidan regains his feet, ready to rejoin the fight.

Turn 5)
Players 4, Opponents 4)

The two fighting nearest the store seem to be on the ground, but it is hard to tell in with the melee going on.

Turn 6)
Players 5, Opponents 4

One of the fighters nearest the store regains his feet and begins walking, slowly, towards the brothers.

Turn 7)
Players 6, Opponents 4

Suddenly, the guy facing Aidan goes down with a scream, hit from behind by the other brawler. (6,1,1) vs (6.4). Except, the dude who knocked him down starts biting his face, taking out big chunks of bloody flesh!!
 photo image_zps52ca2bf5.jpg
Turn 8
Players 3, Opponents 5

Liam yells, "let's get out of here!" and jumps back into the truck.

 photo image_zps40ddc12d.jpgAidan, clearly seeing what's going on,walks behind the flesh-eater, and shoots him in the back of the head.

He then returns to the truck and, getting back inside, turns to Liam, "dude was a zombie!"

Note: When the opponents for this location were generated, three citizens and a zombie were rolled up, with the zombie directly behind the citizens. As the "fight" broke out behind everyone, neither Liam nor Aidan were able to see what was going on, and so they missed the Seeing the Feast roll at that time.

Both boys (and their Dad!) got a little worried once the zombie got done eating its first victim as neither character had been able to activate for them to escape. Luckily, Aidan's opponent didn't activate either, so it was a ready victim for the approaching zombie.

At the end, Liam failed his Seeing the Feast test, but Aidan passed and was then able to Pop the Weasel as the zombie feasted on its second victim.

Had Aidan not gotten the successes on his Star Power roll, he may have died right there, as he would have just recovered from being stunned, but not gotten back up in time to fight the zombie, whom Liam was trying to escape from. The zombie rolled a 1 for feasting on its second victim, meaning Aidan would have been automatically killed when the zombie moved, had he still been down due to a stun. Thank Ed for the Star Power!! Whew!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2021: Day 1, Fionn


Fionn's usual morning routine, in preparing to go to work, was interrupted by the constant wailing of sirens, starting around 6:00 am. Losing that last, vital, hour of sleep makes for a day of crankiness, but his drowsy feeling is quickly swept away by the emergency broadcast on the television.

The weather report is very important on a foggy day, but this morning it was being interrupted by "breaking news." A cameraman, likely in a news chopper, was streaming live what looked to be a riot in Los Angeles. As Fionn was about to jump into the shower, the local news anchors, visible in the upper right corner of the video feed, gasped and one nearly screamed, as several of the rioters grabbed someone and began to bite them. These weren't small bites, no, the camera was zoomed in well enough to see great chunks of flesh being torn out of the hapless victim.

The news report quickly cut away to commercial...

The hair rose on the back of Fionn's neck and he picked up the phone from the counter, but there was no dial tone. Something was very wrong. He hurriedly got dressed.

Fionn now wished he had gone grocery shopping the night before, as his refrigerator and cupboards were nearly bare. Apart from the canned yams left over from Thanksgiving and a package of stale crackers.

As he did all of his banking online, including his bill payments, Fionn rarely kept any cash around the apartment. While there was loose change in the ashtray of his car, it wasn't nearly enough to cover his immediate needs, namely food.

"Dads!" Was his next thought. He knew that if he could get to his father's, about an hour's drive north, he wouldn't have to worry about food. He quickly threw some extra clothes into his gym bag, which still had his now dirty gym clothes inside (should have washed those the night before, too), picked up his car keys, and headed for the door.

Just has Fionn reached the apartment door, he stopped, turned around, and walked into his bedroom to grab the katana leaning against the wall in the corner. He had always appreciated this gift from his father, but had only "used" it in practice sessions and against the errant melon, now and then. It might come in handy after all. With this weapon in hand, Fionn headed out to his car.

The television was still on when the door closed...

 The nearest ATM machine was just around the block, and the on-ramp to the freeway was one street up from that. If all went well, he'd be on and off the road within the hour.


Fionn noticed that the traffic was heavier than usual for this time of the morning. Well, it was normally bad, but the lane leading to the freeway on-ramp was backed up all the way to the light adjacent to the ATM machine's location. Not a good sign, but as he glanced over at the machine across the street, he saw only a few people in line. Now, if the light would turn green soon enough.

Just as that thought crossed his mind, the cars in front of him started moving, even while the light was red. Ah, yes, people in his turn lane were crossing over, in front of the other lanes, attempting to cut into the line of cars waiting to get onto the freeway. Fionn had enough space to squeeze behind the car right in front of him, and made a u-turn, then a quick right turn into the parking lot.

As he brought the car to a stop and turned off the engine, he noticed the people in line start to run from the bank towards him. Apparently, something on the television inside the convenience store, outside which the ATM machine stood, had caused them to make a beeline for their cars.

Needing cash, badly, Fionn quickly headed to the ATM machine, which brought him directly into the path of the three panicked people.

Turn 1)
Player 2, Opponents 4

Fionn starts walking towards the cash machine..

Turn 2)
Player 4, Opponents 3

The panicked individuals continue to approach Fionn, one of them, a woman, fishes for keys in her purse.  But the first one, a large, heavyset man, attempts to knock Fionn down.

Fionn dodges back, swinging his sword up from right to left, in an instinctively defensive act. The still sheathed sword scrapes across the man's chest and smacks him in the jaw, knocking him out. (6,6,6,5,3,2) vs (6,3) A few teeth, or fragments of them, fly out of the man's mouth as he hits the ground, hard.

Turn 6)
Player 2, Opponents 4

Fionn angrily unsheathes his sword, and decides to finish off the man who attacked him; dead men cannot sue for damages.

Turn 8)
Player 4, Opponents 3

The woman, whose hair is all kinds of scary, swings her purse at Fionn, who ducks and thrusts his sword out at her, to push her away and give himself room. However, the sword is far too sharp to be used as a prod and, instead, slices through the woman; the tip exiting her back. (6,6,5,2,2,1) vs (3,1) Fionn withdraws the sword just in time to parry the briefcase of the third person, a guy dressed in an expensive suit. He then slams the pommel into the side of the expensive suit's head, whose eyes roll up as he falls stunned. (6,6,6,1,1,1) vs (6,2)

Turn 9)
Player 2, Opponents 3

Expensive suit guy starts to get up, but Fionn is in no mood to suffer fools, and stabs the guy through the neck...delivering a fatal wound.

Looking around, and seeing none to stop him, Fionn rushes towards the cash machine.

Turn 10-11)

Fionn quickly slides his little used ATM card into the machine and, with an impatience born from emergency, pushes all the correct buttons in response to the automated questions.

Cash withdrawn, Fionn races back to his car, not even looking at the three bodies laying on the pavement. With a quick glance around, hoping no one was paying attention to the happenings in the parking lot, Fionn pulls back onto the street, heading for the frontage road. A road that was empty, but which also eventually lead to a freeway on-ramp.


Time was not on Fionn's side, this morning, neither was the weather. In his part of the valley, fog was always a problem in the Winter and Spring months. Today, it was especially bad. He had gotten onto the freeway easily enough, after bypassing all those who hadn't thought of the frontage road, but he did not account for people too stupid to drive in the fog.

He was stopped on the freeway, and all he could see were breaklights, in the few yards of road that the fog allowed him to see.


The radio was not much consolation during the wait in traffic. Every station, of those few that were transmitting, played the same emergency broadcast message over and over. The blaring of the warning siren gave Fionn a headache, so he turned the radio off.

A small opening appeared between cars on front of him, and Fionn took it, only to wish he hadn't, as the car now directly in front of him had just been shut off and the driver was getting out. Some days, it just pays to sit in the longer lines...


The barely visible highway sign indicated that he had another 19 miles to go. From that point, it was another 11 miles to his dad's. There was not going to be enough time to stop anywhere else before dusk, not at the rate that the traffic was flowing.


6 miles to the exit. At least the fog had mostly burned off.


One more interchange to go. The moronic engineers who designed this particular intersection of three major traffic arteries in the largest city in the valley should be shot, stabbed, drowned, burned at the stake, shot again, and buried alive. One small accident at a crucial spot, causes traffic to back up on three freeways. And, of course, this is not a day of small accidents.


Fionn turns onto the street leading to his dad's house. The streets on this side of town have been eerily empty, probably due to the effectiveness of the local PD who had set up roadblocks throughout the town; he had been able to see those from the freeway leading into town. Luckily, they had not thought to block off the freeway exits.

Fionn feels utterly exhausted as he pulls into his father's driveway, three other cars already occupying it. He recognizes the cars as belonging to members of his family, "At least we're all here," he thinks, as his father and brothers walk out to greet him.

Lewts: 3 luxury

Notes: Fionn rolled a Rep 4 character for the campaign, but with the parameters of the Day 1 scenario, his Rep was reduced to 3 for the one time. I skipped a few turns of the report because neither side activated for several turns. Also, I had taken a few more photos, but they came out too blurry.

Fionn had really bad luck with his travel rolls. I had asked him and his brothers to each secretly write down the first three locations (with potential to make it to five locations) they wanted to reach, before heading to "dad's" and while everyone else was delayed, Fionn made it to the ATM without delay. THEN, he failed to pass any dice for the rest of his travel rolls, delaying him for up to 6 more locations. Since the objective was to reach "dad's" by nightfall, his only option was to keep driving.

Where he and his two younger brothers live, the fog is notoriously bad. In fact, a relative was killed on the major freeway linking his town with mine, about 25 years ago, in a rather large traffic accident which was a result of fog, and idiots driving too fast for conditions.

The rest of the campaign will not be as full of narrative as these Day 1 reports, but I do want to set the tone for the campaign with the starting scenario. I think the narrative helps link all of the players together, with their characters, into the family group we are and are playing as.

There are two more reports for the final two sons, but I may combine those into one. And then we have a series of reports for the large scenario we were able to play.

I do appreciate any an all comments. I am also open to suggestions as far as game play, items, or whatnot, as this is actually my first experience in playing a "zombie" game. I find the ATZ: FFO rules to be exactly what I would want in a game for my sons and I, and I recommend them to anyone interested in the setting.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2021: Day 1, Michael & Duncan, Part 2.


After the scuffle at the bank, Michael and Duncan aren't too sure about what is real and what isn't. Ever since leaving the bank, traffic has been rather bad and, in some cases, messy. Cars are not stopping for fender benders or even rear-end collisions, the drivers are seemingly oblivious to anything not directly in front of them.

The typical drive to Costco is under ten minutes from their bank, but, this morning, they have already wasted well over a half hour attempting to get around halted cars, splotches on the street which may have once been a living being, and in one case, an overturned fire truck, which has become an ad hoc barricade to one of the seedier neighborhoods in town.

Duncan turned on the radio, trying to find out more information on what was going on, but the local stations were now only repeating the state emergency broadcasts. The droning of "stay in your homes and lock your doors" was tiresome and Michael switched the radio off.

Duncan noticed a break in traffic and quickly took the outlet; Costco was now one block away.

Michael noticed a cloud of smoke off in the direction they were headed, not a good omen.


Cursing their luck, the brothers pull into the Costco parking lot, the warehouse store was in flames, not totally, but mostly. Duncan parked his truck a good fifty yards from the front of the store, where a small crowd could be seen gathering.

Both he and Michael got out of the truck, but this time Duncan grabbed his AR-15 as more and more people at the entrance started to walk in his direction. He glanced around and realized his was the only truck in the lot, and several of the other cars were also on fire. "Must be due to looters," he thought.

Just at that moment, Michael noticed two unsavory young men approach the truck from his right front. He tightened his grip on the bo staff and quietly said to Duncan, "incoming."
One of the two youths yells "Gi'me the keys to yer @%&#*&! truck!"

Turn 1)
Players 4, Opponents 3

Michael and Duncan both act at the same time. Michael charges the thug nearest him, and Duncan moves quickly to the front of his truck for a clean shot at the hoodlum facing him.

Michael's target reacts by firing his pistol, sideways, like a moron, missing by a wide margin. Duncan's target fires at him, but the round narrowly misses Duncan and hits the hood of the truck.

Michael swings his staff in an overhand blow to the top of his target's head, splitting the thug's skull and instantly dropping him. (6,6,5,1,1) vs (6,6,2)

Duncan fires three quick rounds (6,2,2) hitting the hoodlum twice in the chest. Another dead gang banger.

The crowd at the door begin running towards Michael and Duncan. They are joined by two new arrivals who are walking in a funny, jerky manner.

Turn 2)
Players 6, Opponents 4

The sound of an approaching police siren can be heard. The two newcomers stagger towards the truck.

Turn 3)
Players 2, Opponents 4

Getting out of dodge occurs to the brothers at the same time, again. They race to the truck, jump inside, and quickly drive off. Leaving the approaching crowd behind...while the newcomers suddenly pick up their pace and shuffle towards the human nearest them.

A lone police car pulls into the parking lot, and comes to a stop just in front of the crowd.

The two policemen are not sure of the situation, but with the two individuals down on the pavement, they call for an ambulance...and back up.


Breathing heavily from their latest scrape, the brothers hope that a quick stop at Savemart will be less "exciting" but as they approach the corner opposite the store, they can see the parking lot is jammed with cars, people, and first responders. In fact, the turn lane leading to the parking lot is backed up nearly twenty cars, promising a delay of at least another ten minutes at minimum.

Michael looks over at Duncan and states, "Let's just head to dad's. We're not going to be able to get anything here except beets, and pickled pig feet and I'm not about to eat that." Duncan nods, "Yeah, I think you're right. And we don't need to get caught up in another fight, anyways."


The brothers pull into the driveway at their father's home. Their father walks out the front door, a rather large pistol in his hand. He smiles, "Glad to see you, boys. Unload your stuff in the kitchen, we need to talk."

Note: Due to the small size of the table we could play on, all measurements were taken in centimeters, instead of inches. Also, while Duncan rolled a Rep 3 when we created our characters, I let him go with a Rep 4 for this game, due to his "military and police" background. I figure the drop in Rep comes from his sticking with his family instead of reporting at the police station, but he will still have access to his friends and associates at work and at the Reserve base.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2021: Day 1, Michael & Duncan Part 1.

Strange doings have been reported on the radio this morning. Suddenly, and without any warning at all, the dead have begun to rise, only to attack the living. At least, this may be true, but since it is on the radio, one cannot be too sure.

Still, life appears to be mostly normal, other than for the occasional scream and many more sirens can be heard than usual.

Duncan has been awake for a couple of hours, getting ready for his shift at the local police department. He notices that he has not received a single phone call or text this morning, quite unusual for him. The noises on the radio seem to be real, as does the horror in the voices of the announcers, but this could be another War of the Worlds radio show. Yet, it always pays to be cautious.

Before leaving the apartment, he throws together his emergency kit, including his AR-15, ammo, a few weeks worth of food, and some extra clothes. He also brings a baseball bat, just in case he doesn't want to waste ammo. He throws it all into the cab of his truck and starts the engine.

A thought crosses his mind, and he decides to head to the nearest bank branch, to withdraw some cash.

Michael bolts upright in his bed, waking from a sound sleep. He thought he recognized the echoes of a chilling scream, but maybe it was his overactive imagination, or the remnants of a dream. He attempts to call his wife, who is visiting family in the UK, but the call does not go through. The latest text he received from her was simply "lock the doors, stay inside, I love you' and was received nearly five hours earlier, shortly after he had gone to bed.

He turns on the radio, listening for reports on cell phone towers being out, or carrier problems, but what he hears seems to come directly from his nightmares, reports of the dead walking again.

Knowing that his dad's is the rally point for the family, for any kind of disaster scenario, he resolves to head to his father's home directly, after making a quick trip to the bank. He packs a few necessities in a satchel, including a pistol, and carries his bo staff, which doubles as a walking stick and dog warding device.

Duncan slows his truck to a stop behind what appears to be a multiple vehicle accident. He can see at least six cars involved, in various ways, and they block both lanes of traffic on his side of the road. A few members of PD have shown up, he recognizes them, but as they seem to have things in hand, he decides to backtrack a bit and take a detour.

Michael has walked a few blocks, towards the bank, avoiding a rather large commotion, or what looked like a small brawl between gang members on the street. Wanting to stay away from any sort of trouble, he decides to cross the street, and walk the long way around to his bank; delaying him only another ten minutes or so.

Duncan pulls into the parking lot of his bank and brings his truck to a stop. He sees some guy at the ATM machine, behaving strangely, waving his arms, shouting, and maybe even crying. He leaves everything in the truck, but grabs his baseball bat.

Michael finally reaches the bank, and notices what looks to be his brother's truck, but his attention is quickly drawn to the idiot at the ATM machine. The dude looks like he is crazy, kicking and hitting the ATM machine.
The moment Duncan begins walking towards the ATM machine, two bank employees run out of the bank, screaming, yelling, and waving their arms. They head right at Duncan, as though he were the cause of their problems.

Michael sees the idiot at the ATM turn towards him and begin running in his direction.

Turn 1)
Players 5, Opponents 4

Michael sees that it is, in fact, his brother, who has just pulled into the parking lot. He is glad to see someone he knows. Duncan is wondering what the *$#% is going on with the world today.

Turn 2)
Players 4, Opponents 5

Duncan heads towards the ATM machine, hoping to withdraw the daily maximum, as he now feels he is going to need it. The bank employees' antics aren't meant to attract his attention, so the bank isn't being robbed, but the two employees are just....nuts.

Turn 3)
Players 6, Opponents 5

Both Michael and Duncan pause, trying to take in what their eyes are showing them, but what their brains are refusing to process.

Turn 4)
Players 6, Opponents 1
The crazed employees are now very close to Duncan, and the one idiot coming at Michael is now slobbering and sobbing.

Turn 5)
Players 1, Opponents 5
Duncan hesitates to charge the two employees, he is not sure what their deal is, but he calls out to them to stop. (he failed his brown pants roll to charge)

Michael readies his bo staff, and approaches the one gun in front of him.

Turn 6)
Players 5, Opponents 2

The two bank employees barrel into Duncan, swinging their arms wildly. Duncan responds, by bringing up his baseball bat, and aiming for their heads (for a quick knockout blow).
Duncan 6,4,3,1 vs 5,2. = employee down and obviously dead
Duncan 5,4,3,2 vs 6,3 = employee down and obviously dead

Duncan breathes heavily, with a small amount of regret, very small, that he actually killed the two civilians when he only wanted to knock them out of the fight. He looks over to his left and notices that his brother is nearby, which surprises him, who is being charged by another civilian, which worries him.

Photobucket Turn 7)
Players 3, Opponents 1

Michael charges the crazed lunatic running at him, swinging his bo staff in an arc aimed directly at the left ear of the civilian.
Michael 5,3,2,1,1 vs 6,1 = lunatic out of the fight

Turn 8-10)
Michael and Duncan both race to the ATM, before anyone else decides to show up. Duncan reaching the sorrowfully abused machine first.  Smiling at Michael, in victory, he slides his ATM card into the machine...only to receive an apologetic message that the machine is out of order and to try again later. Michael snorts with amusement as Duncan backs up, in a rage, silently cursing the machine, the bank, and the state of affairs in the world. Michael has the same luck as Duncan, with the machine, having held out only a little hope that he'd be able to get it to work for him.

Turn 11-13
Michael and Duncan come to the same conclusion at exactly the same time, they will need cash in the future, and with the three people down, dead or dying, they won't miss anything taken from them. Michael heads to his opponent and, after finishing him off, searches the body for anything of value.

Duncan runs over two where his two attackers lay in twin pools of blood, he really didn't mean to hit them so hard, but adrenaline being what it is... He rifles through their clothing, hoping to score some cash or something worth taking.

Michael finds 1 luxury and Duncan finds 4.

After a brief discussion, the brothers decide to pool their efforts, and head to dad's, stopping by Costco and Savemart first. They need some more gear and food, although they know that their dad has plenty of the latter, but it never hurts to have more. They both hop into Duncan's truck and drive towards Costco.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Hunters of the Zeds

It is the year 2021, and in the Central Valley of the People's Republic of California, zombies roam the land. An erstwhile band of brothers, with an aging father as the patriarch of the group, count on each other to help survive the wastes, endure the harsh environment, and deal with two-legged hazards, both living and dead.

The group is currently comprised of the following individuals:

Justin, age 54.
Rep 5
Born Leader

Michael, age 31.
Rep 3
Hard As Nails

Duncan, age 28.
Rep 3

Fionn, age 23.
Rep 4

Liam, age 21.
Rep 4
Hard As Nails

Aidan, age 19.
Rep 4