Tuesday, February 5, 2013

38 Turns Later: Part 2

[note: I meant to get to this last night, but I am in the throws of another series of headaches and looking at a screen can be...intense...at times.]

Turn 19
Players 3, Opponents 2

"Wait!" Duncan shouts, "Let me do a quick search."

Justin, at the door, pauses while Duncan searches and finds a pair of binoculars. Holding up his trophy in triumph, Duncan waves, saying, "Okay. Go ahead."

The PEF just outside the door moves ever more slightly closer to the building. One step outside, and a person would be nearly surrounded by whatever might be found therein.

Turn 20
 photo image_zpsd5f329c5.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 2

Justin bursts through the door, bringing up his sword for a strike, fiercely yelling at the top of his lungs.

But nothing is there. The approaching noises were caused by trash, drifting in the wind.

[the sigh of relief at the table was echoed by everyone, including myself, as my "near-death" experience had put everyone on edge, a bit.]

The ER rating was increased by 1. The rest of the group saunters outside, through the door.

Turn 21
 photo image_zpsecf542f2.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 1

With the sporting goods store still in the distance, the group heads towards it, eyes glancing everywhere. Liam briefly stops at the silver stationwagon, finding a first aid kit inside.

Turns 22-24
Players 3, Opponents 1
The group continues heading for the sporting goods store, thinking to find some useful supplies inside, or at least hoping to.

Players 2, Opponents 1
Aidan searches the overturned sports car, finding a second first aid kit.

Players, 6, Opponents 4
An argument breaks out between Aidan and Justin, over some trifle, but it finished quickly and quietly.

[We had to laugh here, because we really did just have a small argument with Aidan at the table. He had declared, back at turn 19, that he was going to look for a first aid kit next, but when Liam found one, Aidan then decided to change his mind and took a long time considering exactly what he wanted to find in the black sports car. I had to make an executive decision, after the rest of the lads kept hurrying him up, and stated that Aidan had indeed found a first aid kit (which is helpful as he is our medic). He was less than pleased with being told what he found, but in the end accepted that he'd already made the decision previously. When the argument event came up, we all laughed at the irony.]

Turn 25
http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=442173218380525906#editor/target=post;postID=7538026750417993382 photo image_zpsb6d31c52.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 1

The first building, the one at the parking lot entrance, started on fire, with smoke quickly followed by flames. The lads must have knocked over something flammable or something, in their fight with the zeds inside. The flickering fire must have caught the attention of the nearby zeds, because two showed up a short distance away from the group.

The decision was to press on, quickly, getting away from the zeds.

Turn 26
Players 6, Zeds 1

The zeds approach the group, causing much consternation as they were spread out in a line.

Turn 27
Players 3, Opponents 4

Both the group and the zeds move towards the sporting goods store (we forgot about fast moving in all the excitement)

Turn 28
Players 4, Opponents 1

The group realizes it must make a stand, as the relentless zeds just keep coming.

 photo image_zps20e76112.jpg
Turn 29
Players 2, Opponents 1
Aidan and Liam fire at the nearest zed, missing it, causing yet another zed to approach the group.

[the boys were now arguing a to whom gets the next kill, as they all wanted to advance to survivor after failing some Brown Pants rolls]

Turn 30
Players 5, Opponents 1
Fionn searched the SUV, finding a fuel. Aidan, Michael, and Liam all hesitate to charge the nearest zed (failed BP rolls, again). However, the zed has no cause to pause and it charges Aidan, who swings and misses as he dodges the flailing arms. (6,5,4) vs (5,4,1) (zed ignores stun, but we failed to have it drop to ground).

 photo image_zps4b1ee760.jpg Turn 31
Players 2, Opponents 5

While the zeds slowly, but surely, approach, the group quickly determines what they will do next.

Michael hesitates to charge the zed facing Aidan (another BP roll failed), which Aidan then quickly dispatches.

Liam hesitates to charge the other zed, which then charges him. In a desperate move, Liam jumps to the side while swinging his baseball bat, just connecting with the zed's left temple, killing it.

Turn 32
Players 6, Opponents 2

The last remaining zed clears the black sports car, aiming directly for Liam.

Turn 33
 photo image_zps5bc2907d.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 2

Aidan moves up to help Liam, just in case he can get a kill steal. Which he does, as the approaching zed is quickly taken out by Aidan when it charges. (4,3,2,2,1) vs (4,1,1).

Turns 34-36

The group rallies just outside the door to the sporting goods store, everyone making sure they are ready to enter.

Players 4, Opponents 1
The group rushing into the sporting goods store, with Duncan and Aidan behind (because they both have Runt, which is bad for melee). Only a single zed is inside, which Aidan misses, but Michael kills.

Turn 37
Players 3, Opponents 4

The second, smaller shop, which had been left just a few minutes before, also caught fire, likely the result of wind blown debris from the other fire.

The group quickly searches the sporting goods store, finding food, a first aid kit, matches, another medical kit, and a bookbag (it was a backpack, but due to my changing the rules for backpack loot, it turned out to be a two space bookbag).

Turn 38
Players 2, Opponent 5

Happy with their haul, the group exits the shopping center through the backdoor of the sporting goods store.


Duncan, Fionn, Liam, and Aidan all get an increase to Rep, leaving Michael and I somewhat disappointed in our own lack of success.

After it was over and the boys went to bed, I remembered that we forgot about the police arriving 1/2d6 turns after shots are fired, which would have changed the outcome perhaps. The entry point for a car would have taken the police car into where the last zeds were, so they may have become victims.

We also forgot about fast move, which is more my own fault. We were so distracted by the discussion over who gets to kill which zombie, that it slipped my mind as we were trying to create distance between them and us.

As we cleaned up the table, we all discussed things we would like to see as possible loot, inspiring me to create the new loot page here on this blog. I will continue to add to it over time. I hope others will leave comments with their own suggested lewts.


  1. I had a quick question about searching vehicles. You didn't mention that you rolled to see if the vehicles had zombies in them. I was wondering if you had passed on this, or just gotten very lucky.

    Anyways, good report and I'm glad you are having fun with your sons.

    1. I have not found a reference, in FFO, to zombies being generated as a result of searching vehicles. Zombies generate in association to vehicles by engine noise and car alarms. Also, one could assume if a window or windshield was broken as a means to enter. Zombies do not generate as a result of searching buildings, but may be found inside upon entry or upon moving to a higher or lower level.

      With these in mind, I have not, yet, caused zombie generation rolls in our campaign. Once we get past the next game, though, vehicles may be either secure (locked with windows up) or unsecured (open to entry) which would be determined by a die roll. A secure vehicle needs to be broken into, possibly making noise (physical challenge, pass 1d6 vehicle broken into, but zombies generate; pass 0d6 vehicle not broken into, but zombies attracted to the noise of the attempt; pass 2d6 and entry made quietly.

    2. I meant, in the 2nd paragraph, that I have not yet caused zombie generation rolls yet for breaking into vehicles.

    3. Hunh, I went back and looked, and you may be right. I guess I assumed that since searching vehicles was handled the same way as searching buildings, that the rules for encountering zombies when you enter a building for the first time also applied, but maybe I'm making life harder on my Stars than necessary.

    4. That would be pretty interesting if you roll up 6 zombies piling out of a car, not a bad idea as to having a zombie or two emerge from a vehicle, it could be possible that the occupants were bitten or died in the car. I enjoy reading the reports keep them coming.

    5. I had four pop out of a truck. It was like a zombie clown car.

    6. WQRobb,

      Yes, it seems your stars are a little overworked. :) of course, if they decide to enter a 40' trailer, all bets are off.


      I hesitate to add too many instances of zombie generation, at least until we can acquire some grunts as fodder. However, adding an unexpected zombie here and there, to keep he lads on their toes, is something I relish. I've another AAR to post in a day or so, but I think they had it too easy. The next scenario scheduled will be a bit more intense, I think.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. When my sons visit me on my weekends with them, we will play a game. I intend to post reports of those for a long while yet.