New Types of Lewts

I am including this page as a way to share ideas and stats for loot items not officially included in the Two Hour Wargames' rules for modern through post-apocalyptic settings.

I welcome items suggestions from anyone else who plays the THW games and you are also welcome to make use of any items you see listed here.

All that I ask is suggestions be an item that could reasonably be found in a car, building, or on a body. So, nuclear weapons, bio-toxins and other deadly chemical agents, as well as main battle tanks are right out.

1) Binoculars
Still working on rules for these, but may be worn around neck for no inventory cost.

2) Flashlight
Count as an improvised weapon. Add +1d6 to Citizen's Brown Pants roll when used at night.  When a character equipped with a lit flashing searches a building, roll 3d6 and player chooses lowest two dice for results. When on at night, add +1d6 to any rolls to generate zombies for any reason. Any turn a flashlight is on, roll 2d6 once the character holding it activates, on a roll of two 1s, the batteries are exhausted and the light goes out.

3) Additional backpack types
A) book bag: 1 space, carries 4 spaces
B) ALICE pack, 2 spaces, carries 10 spaces

4) Steel-toed boots
Counts as an improvised weapon. When in melee, can be used along with another melee weapon, providing a re-roll of a single melee die (must accept the new result), takes 1 space.

5) Walkie-talkies
To use, one or more characters must have a walkie-talkie, in addition to the leader. Extends a leader's grouping distance to 18 inches, instead of 4". Requires the use of one hand to operate. When used, the receiving character takes a Savvy test.

Pass 2d6: Character (and members of his/her group) may activate with leader.
Pass 1d6: May not activate with leader.
Pass 0d6: Static or feedback attracts zombies, roll 1d6 to generate zombies (as per shooting) due to noise.

6) Helmet
   Takes up 1 space.  When a character who has a helmet equipped is beaten in melee, roll 1d6. If a success, then opponent's number of successes is reduced by one, for purposes of resolving the Melee Results die roll (the results of melee are unchanged, but the result of being beaten might be less severe).  If helmet has an attached face mask, then a friendly character equipped with it, and who is subject to the "Harry, Are you okay?" rule, has the Rep value increased by 1 for the purposes of resolving the rule.

7) Riot Shield
     Takes up 1 space, cannot be stored in a backpack, but may be strapped to back if backpack is not equipped. Character armed with a riot shield must pass 1d6 vs Rep to reduce enemy's melee dice results by one success; may test only if the enemy is to the front of the character (may cause enemy to lose or tie in melee).
8) Horses
     Useable as a mount or pack animal. Characters on horses move 12". Horses as pack animals move the same speed as their handler. Horses do not like the living dead; when a zombie is ever within six inches of a horse, the rider, passenger, or handler, must make take a Physical Challenge. If 2d6 are passed, horse remains under control. If 1d6 is passed, rider/handler loses control and horse bolts 1d6 inches directly away from closest zombie, avoiding walls and other obstacles; passenger falls/jumps from horse, but may activate normally on next activation. If 0d6 are passed, rider/handler loses control and horse bolts 2d6 inches directly away from nearest zombie, avoiding walls and obstacles; passenger falls and rolls on the Melee Results table, as though he had been beaten by two successes. Due to the size of the animal, zombies roll 1d6+3 for feast duration. A horse used as a mount may carry eight items of inventory. A horse used as a pack animal may carry twenty-four items of inventory. Anyone shooting at a mounted character adds 1 to all shooting dice. When a mounted character is hit by shooting, the rider, mount, and passenger, each take a Recovery Test as normal, the horse counting as a Rep 3 Citizen. The rules from Swordplay regarding cavalry/horses charging into melee and melee are also in effect.

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