Thursday, January 31, 2013

38 Turns Later: Part 1

Dad's Journal

Day 8
With the whole family together, the boys and I discussed what the immediate needs are. Food, while necessary, is well-stocked for the moment, but there is a certain lack of heavier firepower, medical supplies, and camping equipment, such as backpacks, flashlights, etc.

We decided to check out the sporting goods store in the nearby Walmart shopping center as it wasn't too far away, within walking distance, and we went armed.


 photo image_zps6fdb4249.jpg
(3 PEFs were placed. No zeds placed at start during first 10 days. 2 PEFs were in buildings, the third in the far corner of the parking lot, out of sight).

By agreement, Duncan (Rep 3), Fionn (Rep 4), and Liam (Rep 4) are grouped up and Justin (Rep 5), Michael (Rep 3), and Aidan (Rep 4) are in a group. Fionn is the melee specialist, Duncan the shooting specialist, and Aidan the medic. These are the roles agreed upon, based on skills.

Turn 1  photo image_zpsd8c96e21.jpg
Players 6, Opponents 4

Duncan's group heads to the small shop nearest the parking lot entrance. Justin's group goes to check out the minivan left behind by someone, who is now either dead or a zed.

The PEF moves towards the Duncan's people, as they are closest, and resolves as three zeds.

Turn 2  photo image_zpse2b0a5a4.jpg
Players 1, Opponents 2.

The zombies advance on the lads, who spot them. Fionn and Liam shoot at the zeds closest to them, but miss. Duncan kills the nearest two zeds, but two more zeds spawn.

While Justin and Michael cover him, Aidan searches the minivan, finding food.

Turn 3  photo image_zps96ea7218.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 6
The family groups up, so they can react to attacks on another. Fionn plans on getting in close, with his big, two-handed sword, but fails to charge.

PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 4  photo image_zps3a52dab3.jpg
Players 3, Opponents 1
Duncan, Liam enter the building, but no zeds or other humans are inside. Michael and Justin stay outside, to cover Fionn, just in case something goes wrong. Aidan moves closer to the front of the store.

Fionn charges the zed opposite him, swinging his sword at the zed's right temple (Fionn is left-handed). The zed goes down, with the top of his skull removed. (5,4,1,1,1,1) vs (5,4,4).

Justin and Michael both charge the closest zed.  Justin fails to connect with his massive piece of pipe (counts as 2H weapon).

NOTE: It is here that Justin is almost out of the campaign. When Justin first charged in, he was beat by the zed by one success on the die rolls. Rolling for effect, the zed scores a 1 against Justin, an Obviously Dead.  As Stars cannot use their saving powers from zeds, this was a stunning death barely into the start of a campaign. 

We were all very surprised. It came down to a swing and a miss for Justin and a stinking 1 on the result die. I (Justin) frantically looked through the rules, hoping that I would find some way to be saved.  Just as I gave up the search, reaching across to remove my figure from the table, I glanced at the melee modifiers. When fighting against zeds, a character gains one success automatically, before the dice are rolled. This meant that, instead of losing and dying, Justin tied the zed. To the relief of everyone at the table...

Michael swings and connects, with his Bo staff (6,6,3,2,1,1) vs (5,4,4) but for no appreciable effect. (Zed's are not subject to stuns)

The zed counter attacks Justin (we rolled between Michael and I as to who would be the target), but dies (5,3,1) vs (4,3,1,1,1). The remaining zed charges Fionn, who dispatches it easily. (6,6,3,2,1,1,1,1) vs (2,1,1).

Fionn earns the nickname "Ginsu".

Turn 5  photo image_zps37cab7a4.jpg
Players 6, Opponents 6

An eerie quiet settles across this side of the parking lot...

Turn 6
Players 6, Opponents 1

PEF 1 and PEF 2 both move away.

Turn 7
Players 1, Opponents 5

Aidan goes inside the building as the lads inside the building discover 2 food at the same time they realize they are not alone after all, a zed was upstairs. Duncan shoots, but misses, Liam balks while Aidan charges, striking the zed squarely with his baseball bat, killing the zed. (4,3,3,1) vs (6,3,2)

Michael and Justin gather outside the store, awaiting everyone else to group up. Fionn heads over to the yellow firetruck, hoping to find something inside.

Turn 8 
Players 5, Opponents 3

Michael and Duncan are the only ones able to move, but continue to wait for the other lads, not wanting to split up any more than they already are.

PEF 1 moves back to its original position. PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 9
 photo image_zps4f5daf7d.jpg
Players 2, Opponents 2

Fionn does find food inside the firetruck. Duncan, Liam, and Aidan leave the store and join Justin and Michael outside.

Turn 10
 photo image_zps077d69df.jpg
Players 2, Opponents 1

Everyone approaches the smaller shop. Michael heads to the red firetruck, to search it.
Turn 11
Players 6, Opponents 4

PEF 1 moves closer.

Turn 12
Players 6, Opponents 2

PEF 1 moves away, PEF 2 moves closer (they did this dance nearly all game)

Turn 13
 photo image_zpsbbd52435.jpg
Players 4, Opponents 1

While the rest of the group stacks up at the door of the small shop, Michael finds food in the red firetruck.

Turn 14
Players 5, Opponents 3
Michael takes his place near the door. Risking a few at a time entering the store is considered a bad idea. The group will all go in, together.

PEF 1 moves closer. PEF 2 moves away.

Turn 15 photo image_zpse3e1f473.jpg
Players 5, Opponents 2
The group enters the store all at once. Two zeds are found inside.

Fionn craps his pants as he realizes that the zeds are "not human." Justin and Liam both charge the same zed, but fail to put it down (both rolled a stun result).

The zeds respond by attacking Justin and Fionn. Justin smashes his pipe against the side of his opponent's head (6,5,4,4,3,1) vs (3,3,1), killing it. Fionn flicks his sword out, across his front, taking the zed's head off (5,5,3,3,2,2,1,1) vs (5,3,1).

Turn 16.
Players 4, Opponents 2

Everyone searches the store. Fionn finds a backpack, as does Michael. Liam finds a food.

Both PEFs move closer.

Turn 17
Players 6, Opponents 4
 photo image_zps209e396a.jpg
PEF 2 moves closer

Turn 18
Players 6, Opponents 5

PEF 2 is danger close! It sits just outside the front door of the store. The group has a quick discussion, none are willing to head outside, the intensity is high.

Justin, as leader, makes the command decision to rush outside, alone. If there are too many to handle, the rest of the group will follow. At least, they others agree to that.

He sets himself against the door, hand on the door handle, psyching himself up for running outside into what may be oblivion.

To be continued...


  1. I would LMAO if it turns out to be nothing.

    1. I hope to post part 2 tonight, it has been hectic here this weekend, more than usual.

  2. Also, as a side note. We, or I rather, made the mistake of misreading rules to zeds in combat. While zeds are not subject to stun, they can still be knocked down, but I read it as not being knocked down. So, anything a zed should have been knocked off its feet, they remained standing and in melee for this scenario. They are a bit tougher to deal with this way.