Monday, January 14, 2013

2021: Day 1, Michael & Duncan, Part 2.


After the scuffle at the bank, Michael and Duncan aren't too sure about what is real and what isn't. Ever since leaving the bank, traffic has been rather bad and, in some cases, messy. Cars are not stopping for fender benders or even rear-end collisions, the drivers are seemingly oblivious to anything not directly in front of them.

The typical drive to Costco is under ten minutes from their bank, but, this morning, they have already wasted well over a half hour attempting to get around halted cars, splotches on the street which may have once been a living being, and in one case, an overturned fire truck, which has become an ad hoc barricade to one of the seedier neighborhoods in town.

Duncan turned on the radio, trying to find out more information on what was going on, but the local stations were now only repeating the state emergency broadcasts. The droning of "stay in your homes and lock your doors" was tiresome and Michael switched the radio off.

Duncan noticed a break in traffic and quickly took the outlet; Costco was now one block away.

Michael noticed a cloud of smoke off in the direction they were headed, not a good omen.


Cursing their luck, the brothers pull into the Costco parking lot, the warehouse store was in flames, not totally, but mostly. Duncan parked his truck a good fifty yards from the front of the store, where a small crowd could be seen gathering.

Both he and Michael got out of the truck, but this time Duncan grabbed his AR-15 as more and more people at the entrance started to walk in his direction. He glanced around and realized his was the only truck in the lot, and several of the other cars were also on fire. "Must be due to looters," he thought.

Just at that moment, Michael noticed two unsavory young men approach the truck from his right front. He tightened his grip on the bo staff and quietly said to Duncan, "incoming."
One of the two youths yells "Gi'me the keys to yer @%&#*&! truck!"

Turn 1)
Players 4, Opponents 3

Michael and Duncan both act at the same time. Michael charges the thug nearest him, and Duncan moves quickly to the front of his truck for a clean shot at the hoodlum facing him.

Michael's target reacts by firing his pistol, sideways, like a moron, missing by a wide margin. Duncan's target fires at him, but the round narrowly misses Duncan and hits the hood of the truck.

Michael swings his staff in an overhand blow to the top of his target's head, splitting the thug's skull and instantly dropping him. (6,6,5,1,1) vs (6,6,2)

Duncan fires three quick rounds (6,2,2) hitting the hoodlum twice in the chest. Another dead gang banger.

The crowd at the door begin running towards Michael and Duncan. They are joined by two new arrivals who are walking in a funny, jerky manner.

Turn 2)
Players 6, Opponents 4

The sound of an approaching police siren can be heard. The two newcomers stagger towards the truck.

Turn 3)
Players 2, Opponents 4

Getting out of dodge occurs to the brothers at the same time, again. They race to the truck, jump inside, and quickly drive off. Leaving the approaching crowd behind...while the newcomers suddenly pick up their pace and shuffle towards the human nearest them.

A lone police car pulls into the parking lot, and comes to a stop just in front of the crowd.

The two policemen are not sure of the situation, but with the two individuals down on the pavement, they call for an ambulance...and back up.


Breathing heavily from their latest scrape, the brothers hope that a quick stop at Savemart will be less "exciting" but as they approach the corner opposite the store, they can see the parking lot is jammed with cars, people, and first responders. In fact, the turn lane leading to the parking lot is backed up nearly twenty cars, promising a delay of at least another ten minutes at minimum.

Michael looks over at Duncan and states, "Let's just head to dad's. We're not going to be able to get anything here except beets, and pickled pig feet and I'm not about to eat that." Duncan nods, "Yeah, I think you're right. And we don't need to get caught up in another fight, anyways."


The brothers pull into the driveway at their father's home. Their father walks out the front door, a rather large pistol in his hand. He smiles, "Glad to see you, boys. Unload your stuff in the kitchen, we need to talk."

Note: Due to the small size of the table we could play on, all measurements were taken in centimeters, instead of inches. Also, while Duncan rolled a Rep 3 when we created our characters, I let him go with a Rep 4 for this game, due to his "military and police" background. I figure the drop in Rep comes from his sticking with his family instead of reporting at the police station, but he will still have access to his friends and associates at work and at the Reserve base.


  1. So far, so good. The brothers do seem very lucky with melee results!

    1. It got tougher, later, but they are learning.