Sunday, January 13, 2013

2021: Day 1, Michael & Duncan Part 1.

Strange doings have been reported on the radio this morning. Suddenly, and without any warning at all, the dead have begun to rise, only to attack the living. At least, this may be true, but since it is on the radio, one cannot be too sure.

Still, life appears to be mostly normal, other than for the occasional scream and many more sirens can be heard than usual.

Duncan has been awake for a couple of hours, getting ready for his shift at the local police department. He notices that he has not received a single phone call or text this morning, quite unusual for him. The noises on the radio seem to be real, as does the horror in the voices of the announcers, but this could be another War of the Worlds radio show. Yet, it always pays to be cautious.

Before leaving the apartment, he throws together his emergency kit, including his AR-15, ammo, a few weeks worth of food, and some extra clothes. He also brings a baseball bat, just in case he doesn't want to waste ammo. He throws it all into the cab of his truck and starts the engine.

A thought crosses his mind, and he decides to head to the nearest bank branch, to withdraw some cash.

Michael bolts upright in his bed, waking from a sound sleep. He thought he recognized the echoes of a chilling scream, but maybe it was his overactive imagination, or the remnants of a dream. He attempts to call his wife, who is visiting family in the UK, but the call does not go through. The latest text he received from her was simply "lock the doors, stay inside, I love you' and was received nearly five hours earlier, shortly after he had gone to bed.

He turns on the radio, listening for reports on cell phone towers being out, or carrier problems, but what he hears seems to come directly from his nightmares, reports of the dead walking again.

Knowing that his dad's is the rally point for the family, for any kind of disaster scenario, he resolves to head to his father's home directly, after making a quick trip to the bank. He packs a few necessities in a satchel, including a pistol, and carries his bo staff, which doubles as a walking stick and dog warding device.

Duncan slows his truck to a stop behind what appears to be a multiple vehicle accident. He can see at least six cars involved, in various ways, and they block both lanes of traffic on his side of the road. A few members of PD have shown up, he recognizes them, but as they seem to have things in hand, he decides to backtrack a bit and take a detour.

Michael has walked a few blocks, towards the bank, avoiding a rather large commotion, or what looked like a small brawl between gang members on the street. Wanting to stay away from any sort of trouble, he decides to cross the street, and walk the long way around to his bank; delaying him only another ten minutes or so.

Duncan pulls into the parking lot of his bank and brings his truck to a stop. He sees some guy at the ATM machine, behaving strangely, waving his arms, shouting, and maybe even crying. He leaves everything in the truck, but grabs his baseball bat.

Michael finally reaches the bank, and notices what looks to be his brother's truck, but his attention is quickly drawn to the idiot at the ATM machine. The dude looks like he is crazy, kicking and hitting the ATM machine.
The moment Duncan begins walking towards the ATM machine, two bank employees run out of the bank, screaming, yelling, and waving their arms. They head right at Duncan, as though he were the cause of their problems.

Michael sees the idiot at the ATM turn towards him and begin running in his direction.

Turn 1)
Players 5, Opponents 4

Michael sees that it is, in fact, his brother, who has just pulled into the parking lot. He is glad to see someone he knows. Duncan is wondering what the *$#% is going on with the world today.

Turn 2)
Players 4, Opponents 5

Duncan heads towards the ATM machine, hoping to withdraw the daily maximum, as he now feels he is going to need it. The bank employees' antics aren't meant to attract his attention, so the bank isn't being robbed, but the two employees are just....nuts.

Turn 3)
Players 6, Opponents 5

Both Michael and Duncan pause, trying to take in what their eyes are showing them, but what their brains are refusing to process.

Turn 4)
Players 6, Opponents 1
The crazed employees are now very close to Duncan, and the one idiot coming at Michael is now slobbering and sobbing.

Turn 5)
Players 1, Opponents 5
Duncan hesitates to charge the two employees, he is not sure what their deal is, but he calls out to them to stop. (he failed his brown pants roll to charge)

Michael readies his bo staff, and approaches the one gun in front of him.

Turn 6)
Players 5, Opponents 2

The two bank employees barrel into Duncan, swinging their arms wildly. Duncan responds, by bringing up his baseball bat, and aiming for their heads (for a quick knockout blow).
Duncan 6,4,3,1 vs 5,2. = employee down and obviously dead
Duncan 5,4,3,2 vs 6,3 = employee down and obviously dead

Duncan breathes heavily, with a small amount of regret, very small, that he actually killed the two civilians when he only wanted to knock them out of the fight. He looks over to his left and notices that his brother is nearby, which surprises him, who is being charged by another civilian, which worries him.

Photobucket Turn 7)
Players 3, Opponents 1

Michael charges the crazed lunatic running at him, swinging his bo staff in an arc aimed directly at the left ear of the civilian.
Michael 5,3,2,1,1 vs 6,1 = lunatic out of the fight

Turn 8-10)
Michael and Duncan both race to the ATM, before anyone else decides to show up. Duncan reaching the sorrowfully abused machine first.  Smiling at Michael, in victory, he slides his ATM card into the machine...only to receive an apologetic message that the machine is out of order and to try again later. Michael snorts with amusement as Duncan backs up, in a rage, silently cursing the machine, the bank, and the state of affairs in the world. Michael has the same luck as Duncan, with the machine, having held out only a little hope that he'd be able to get it to work for him.

Turn 11-13
Michael and Duncan come to the same conclusion at exactly the same time, they will need cash in the future, and with the three people down, dead or dying, they won't miss anything taken from them. Michael heads to his opponent and, after finishing him off, searches the body for anything of value.

Duncan runs over two where his two attackers lay in twin pools of blood, he really didn't mean to hit them so hard, but adrenaline being what it is... He rifles through their clothing, hoping to score some cash or something worth taking.

Michael finds 1 luxury and Duncan finds 4.

After a brief discussion, the brothers decide to pool their efforts, and head to dad's, stopping by Costco and Savemart first. They need some more gear and food, although they know that their dad has plenty of the latter, but it never hurts to have more. They both hop into Duncan's truck and drive towards Costco.


  1. Nicely done Justin, a great family game.

    1. Thanks, Fran! The lads were excited to play, so much so that it was difficult to be heard at times. Wait for a few more posts though, there's a big laugh to be had at my expense.

  2. Wow, day 1 and they're already looting bodies! Great BatRep, hope to read more...

    Zombie Chow

    1. Yeah, they were upset the ATM was out of cash.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, the lads are all gunning for the big lewts. The table banter is tough to fight through at times.