Sunday, January 20, 2013

2021: Day 1, Liam & Aidan


Liam got up early as he had an 8:30 class. Since his ride is Aidan, the younger brother also awoke early, if a little unhappily. Liam clicked on the television, to check the weather report, but the local news station had a big "Breaking News" banner streaming across the screen.

"Hey, tell me when the weather is on," Liam said to his brother, "I am going to make some oatmeal." "Want some?", he asked.

"Okay, and sure! Just put some cinnamon in mine, please," Aidan answered.

Not wanting to listen the news announcers blather on and on, Aiden muted the television and began to change channels.

"Uh, something big must be going on. All of the stations have the exact same thing on," Aidan declared.

As he watched, the video feed on the station suddenly went blank when a crowd of people angrily reached for the cameraman. However, the reaction of the local announcers on the screen surprised him, as the woman fainted and the man looked to be in shock. The camera suddenly shifted away from them and showed an empty spot in the studio, as though someone had bumped or pushed the camera out of the way.

Aidan hit the mute button on the controller again, so the sound could be heard. There were no recognizable voices coming over the broadcast, but there was a lot of crying and someone kept screaming, while someone else could be heard to say "shhh, shhh" over and over.

"Dude! What is going on?" Aidan asked his brother as Liam walked out of the kitchen.

Liam said quickly, "you call Michael and I'll try to reach Fionn." Each couldn't get through. "Try Duncan and I'll get Dad." Again, the calls would not connect.

"We need to go to Dad's! Something is very wrong," Liam said quietly.

"Let's first pack our bags with food and stuff," Aidan suggested, "we might need it."

Liam nodded in response, as both young men went to their rooms and started packing clothes and personal items. Finishing almost at the same time, they bumped into each other as they reached intot he cabinets to get the canned foods there.

"Get the guns, I'll get the bats," Liam said, as he walked over to the closest where the sports equipment and free weights were kept.

Aidan went back into his room, to the closet, where a small gun cabinet was located. He fumbled through his keys until he found the correct one, then unlocked the cabinet and took out a pistol and a small caliber rifle.  He then reached down with his other hand and grabbed the several boxes of ammo, which he stuffed into his pockets.

"Let's go!", Liam shouted from the front room of the apartment.

The brothers left the apartment and fast-walked to Aidan's truck.

Low on cash, the brothers agreed to go to a cash machine first, then head over to Food4Less and add to their stock of food before heading to their father's.

Aidan pulls into the parking lot of the nearby Stop N' Rob, where he knows there is an ATM machine. He and Liam exit the truck. A worker inside sees the truck pull up and runs outside, towards the brothers, screaming.

 photo image_zps7d595e4f.jpg

Turn 1)
Players 5, Opponents 2

The screaming man advances on the brothers.

Turn 2)
Players 2, Opponents 1

As the  brothers walk towards the store, the screaming man runs right into Aidan, knocking him down. (6,5,3,1) vs (3,3,1) (The actual result was Aidan was OD, but using his star power roll of 3,3,2, Aidan's OD result became a Carry On. - Whew!)

Turn 3)
Players 1, Opponents 4

Liam came to his brother's defense by charging the crazed man, swinging his baseball bat one-handed (6,6,3,3) vs (6,5,4), and knocked the dude out cold. (stunned).

Aidan regained his feet; a little wobbly, but no worse for wear.
 photo image_zps27dfaa47.jpg
Note: The dice shown were from the combat, but Liam had picked one of them up and placed it back down, turning it to a five just before I took the photo.

Turn 4-6)

The crazed man recovered and got back up, only to run off, still screaming loudly. The brothers reached the ATM machine and each withdrew the daily maximum amount.  They then returned to the truck and headed to Food4Less.

Lewts: 3 luxury each.


The traffic on the main street was jammed, and the parking lots on either side were more than crowded. The traffic lights appeared to be out, which was the cause for the delay.


Finally, the Aidan was able to get through the intersection, and slowly the brothers made their way through town. Smoke, from what looked like several fires, billowing up from right behind the Food4Less store, was visible to them as the inched through the congested traffic.


Aidan parked his truck as close as he could get to Food4Less, but as soon as he and Liam got out of the truck, they saw that the rear of the building had just caught fire.

They also noticed four people running from the now burning store, coming right at them.
 photo image_zps0e65f1ca.jpg

Turn 1)
Players 6, Opponents 2

One person approached Aidan as a second approached Liam. The guy in the back started fighting with the person in front of him, knocking him down. (6,5,3) vs (6,5)

Turn 2)
Players 5, Opponents 5

The fight was obscured by the people running at them, so the brother's could not tell what was going on. However, the people in front were intent on going through right where the brothers were standing.

Turn 3)
Players 2, Opponents 3

The advancing people headed right for Liam and Aidan. The brothers, with no where to go, readied themselves for a fight. Aidan was charged by his opponent, but Liam hesitated to charge his (failed his charge into melee roll).

Aidan, swung his bat two-handed, but narrowly missed, while being struck in the chest and knocked down. (6,6,5,1) vs (2,1) (Aidan was stunned, but Star Power changed this result to Carry On)
 photo image_zps80c1ab07.jpg

Turn 4)
Players 2, Opponents 5

Liam advances, swinging his bat one-handed, knocking his opponent down and out. (5,4,3,2) vs (4,4,3) (opponent was OOF)

Aidan regains his feet, ready to rejoin the fight.

Turn 5)
Players 4, Opponents 4)

The two fighting nearest the store seem to be on the ground, but it is hard to tell in with the melee going on.

Turn 6)
Players 5, Opponents 4

One of the fighters nearest the store regains his feet and begins walking, slowly, towards the brothers.

Turn 7)
Players 6, Opponents 4

Suddenly, the guy facing Aidan goes down with a scream, hit from behind by the other brawler. (6,1,1) vs (6.4). Except, the dude who knocked him down starts biting his face, taking out big chunks of bloody flesh!!
 photo image_zps52ca2bf5.jpg
Turn 8
Players 3, Opponents 5

Liam yells, "let's get out of here!" and jumps back into the truck.

 photo image_zps40ddc12d.jpgAidan, clearly seeing what's going on,walks behind the flesh-eater, and shoots him in the back of the head.

He then returns to the truck and, getting back inside, turns to Liam, "dude was a zombie!"

Note: When the opponents for this location were generated, three citizens and a zombie were rolled up, with the zombie directly behind the citizens. As the "fight" broke out behind everyone, neither Liam nor Aidan were able to see what was going on, and so they missed the Seeing the Feast roll at that time.

Both boys (and their Dad!) got a little worried once the zombie got done eating its first victim as neither character had been able to activate for them to escape. Luckily, Aidan's opponent didn't activate either, so it was a ready victim for the approaching zombie.

At the end, Liam failed his Seeing the Feast test, but Aidan passed and was then able to Pop the Weasel as the zombie feasted on its second victim.

Had Aidan not gotten the successes on his Star Power roll, he may have died right there, as he would have just recovered from being stunned, but not gotten back up in time to fight the zombie, whom Liam was trying to escape from. The zombie rolled a 1 for feasting on its second victim, meaning Aidan would have been automatically killed when the zombie moved, had he still been down due to a stun. Thank Ed for the Star Power!! Whew!


  1. sounds like a fun tense game, well reported.

    1. Thanks. The lads had a good time with it, but they both got very quite towards the end of the second game. :)